Castle Blood Haunted Attraction

Castle Blood

Haunted Attraction: A Gothic Tour…A Game Adventure…

Castle Blood Monessen PA

A supernatural experience at Castle Blood

The MacCabre Family fiendishly invites you to a Gothic Halloween tour of their home, Castle Blood. Known as Pittsburgh’s most unique haunted house, Castle Blood is now homed in a 100 year old funeral home which is also a historic landmark in the city of Monessen, PA.


Beware! Casketta awaits for you within the walls of Castle Blood…

Prepare yourself for an adventure in Pennsylvania’s premier theatrical haunted attraction. Meet the “interesting” denizens of the Castle in all their dark, morbid forms. It’s haunting with a Victorian twist, without all the chainsaws and ax murderers.

This award-winning den of evil is filled with high quality production values and special effects, not to mention the interactive creatures that roam its halls. This is the same Castle Blood, seen nationally on TV’s Midnight Monster Hop .

One of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s most famous Haunted Houses

Crypt! AHHHH! Welcome to the Castle of Blood forever...

Some mortals stay forever.

One of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s most famous Haunted Houses, our “Adventure Tour : Quest for the Talisman Game” changes yearly, featuring new game challenges, and bringing back an enthusiastic guests again and again.

American Airlines Magazine in 2001 described Castle Blood as “playing Clue in the Addams Family house.”

Please join us for our 23rd great year of bringing “Halloween the way it ought to be” to Southwestern PA.

A favorite of old and young alike.

Because the evening tours of the castle can be too intense for our younger monster fans, we offer special Daylight Tour Events which are excellent for kids of all ages.

Whether you come for the All-Scare Adult Tours or for the special No-Scare Daylight Tours we will endeavor to make your visit a memorable one.