Answers to  some of your frequently asked questions about Castle Blood

Castle Blood?

I’m sure you read our ABOUT CASTLE BLOOD page, yes? If not start there. Otherwise you may find your question answered below.

Why do you call it a theatrical haunt?
We have an interactive storyline, and a game or challenge to send our patrons on each year.

The story changes from year to year, however it always remains true to our basic legend and the characters of the castle. You will take your time going through with your guide. So you’ll see everything. And everything will see you.

Depending on the Creatures you encounter, and what ‘denizens’ are in the Castle, your tour can even change from night to night

fracture behind the wallsIs it scary?
It depends on what scares you.  What scares some people will not scare others, that is just the nature of fear. If you are looking for an extreme haunt, where people grab you, throw gross things on you, and chase you with a chainsaw Castle Blood is not the place for you. We do pack every startle scare we can into all the nooks and crannies of the Castle to give you some fun frights. We are creepy and in a supposedly haunted 100-year-old funeral home, but because of our theme, you will not see graphic violence or nudity portrayed.
Vampires? Werewolves? Zombies? Yes, yes, yes. Ax murdering psycho’s you could meet on the street? Not so much. Neither are there clowns or chainsaws. They don’t make sense in our castle, so we don’t have them.


Is it a ride?
No, it is a walk through attraction.

Are there stairs?
Yes. We are now in an historic 100 year old building. There are 4 steps to get up on the porch, and indoors there are 2 staircases. One up, one down, 15 steps each.


castle blood halloweenCan I buy tickets in advance?
Yes, please see the ticket page on this website.

Can I buy group tickets?
Yes you must purchase them BEFORE you get to the Castle.

Is it a maze? Can I get lost?
It is not a maze. You can’t get lost. We have winding halls and mysterious passages, but you are never really alone

I heard its family friendly, does that means it’s lame for adults?
No not at all. The show is designed for adults, especially for clever adults. People say we are family friendly because we do two Sunday Matinee Shows during the day, which have no scares at all, and more lighting than normal. We started the Matinees specifically because people were bringing little ones to the night show, and it often goes badly for the kids

what waits behind the wallsWill I be touched?
Not in a violent way, or in an attempt to scare you, no. However, to meet the challenges, you may come in contact with a cast member while performing your
tasks. You may always decline that, even a simple hand shake. But no one will grab you or bounce you around.

What if can’t make it through?
Well, we are a spooky creepy scary place. If you are too scared to make it through, we have done our job. However, there are many safety doors we can use
to get you out. We realize there are other instances that could stop your tour, and we will deal with all that on a case by case basis, to make sure everything is good for you.



CB--6259What age is good for kids for the night time show?
This is the trickiest question we get. All kids are different. You know your child I do not. Do they really understand the difference in real from fake. Are they scared of clowns or santa , mascots, etc…

The night show is darker, and people will be jumping from un expected locations. It’s a whole lot different than loving to watch Scooby-doo on TV.
That said, we have 5-year-olds that love it all, and 10 to 12-year-olds leaving in tears having a horrible night, and maybe ruining haunts for them forever. Please
use your best discretion on this. Just because a haunt ticket is cheaper than a baby sitter, it may not be the best for your child.

Can I wear a costume to Castle Blood?
Of course you can, that would be great. However, we must ask that no masks be worn on the tour, for safety reasons. Our cast members all have their name
badges on, so there is no confusion about who is who. But please if in costume, remember, We are doing the show, you are our audience. Or as they say in western PA, “don’t yinz guys be a jagoff anat” We do ask that no weapons real or fake be brought in as well.

howler vampireCan I get the hot vampire chick’s phone number?

Are you open all year?
In our new location, we will be open select weekends all year. Watch the website and Facebook page for our Christmas and Valentines and other seasonal shows.

Is it indoors or outside?

The Castle is 85% indoors. Our cemetery and witches woods are outside of course.. and because of this we remain open on rainy days. The waiting line is however outside, on a clean paved surface. We do not recommend open toe shoes, or extreme high heels for your own safety and comfort on the tour. Flip-flops and haunts are a bad idea.


prof scry says take thisWhere do we park?
In addition to street/city parking, there should be 2-3 lots that are available to us. There will be folks set up to direct you

Do you have souvenirs?
We have a gift shop at the end of the tour. We sell many Castle Blood branded items, as well as a great collection of art and craft items made by the characters at Castle Blood that you can’t find anywhere else.

Can we take pictures?
Yes, with the cast members outside. But there is no photography or videography inside the castle

When can I use my coupons?
The 2 dollar coupons are good for any evening show. They are not accepted for the matinee shows

Is there food nearby?
Yes. The Monessen Ladies Fire Dept Auxiliary Has a wonderful booth in our courtyard filled with all your fall favourites: hot dogs, cider, cocoa etc, for before you go in. We are also only 2 miles from the Fayette City/Belle Vernon shopping area with over a dozen restaurants.

Where do you get your cool stuff?
Many of our cast members actually build haunts all over North America and beyond. We build many of our own props and costumes that you will see on your tour. In fact, you’ll see our stuff in most of the other haunts in western PA if you know where to look. And, Yes, we will build anything you’d like for you. Just not in Sept or October.

Can I get married at Castle Blood?
Yes. There are a bunch of things to keep in mind for that, but now that we are less weather sensitive, we have ways to accommodate this. There is not at present one big room large enough for a wedding, but we can either do tents in the courtyard or rent the social club right down the street. We also have a special wedding tour we can do for your guests through the haunt

Do you rent the Castle for other projects?
Yes we do. The castle in all its different locations has been used for Video shoots, small movie projects, and photo shoots. Prices vary greatly depending on what you are doing, and what you need from us.

What CAN’T we bring inside?
No weapons of any kind, no alcoholic beverages, no cameras, flashlights, laser pointers. And please finish all food and drink before you enter.

Can we be thrown out?
Yes, you sure can. We are zero tolerance for drunkenness or other “under the influence” problems vulgar behavior, assaulting a cast member, and smoking
on the entrance ramp and in the building, ruining the tour for other guests. Transgressions of a criminal nature will get you arrested, the Police station is right
down the street, and they constantly cruise our parking lots

I thought you were in …( fill in the town )
Here’s the deal. When we first opened to the public, we were in Beallsville ( 1993-1995)
We were then in Bentleyville ( 1996-1997)
Then moved back to Beallsville ( 1998-2011)
We are now in Monessen. In 2012 and 2013, we were in the Eastgate complex.
and now in 2014 we have moved to our new hopefully permanent home at 100 Schoonmmaker Ave., in a 100-year-old funeral parlour

I heard you burned down?
No. The Bentleyville building that we had not been in since 1997 burned down in 2009, long after we were gone and did not own it. The State listed it as a warehouse fire, NOT a haunt fire. It had nothing to do with us, and we are so thankful that the five stations that fought the fire did so well, and no one was injured because people still thought of it as the castle building.

Are you a charity haunt?
No we aren’t, however we are very active with community groups and charitable organizations. Check the website for who we are working with this year

Do you offer discounts or special admission prices?
Since you asked, you can CLICK HERE and print this coupon and receive a discount on any regularly priced evening show. Just give a print out of your coupon when purchasing your ticket at our onsite ticket booth

I’d like to do a story, or other project about Castle Blood, how do I do that?
If you are a member of the media contact me at gravelymac@yahoo.com, or call at 724-314-3563

I have questions not answered anywhere on the website, what is the fastest way to get my answer?

Contact our social media team using this form CONTACT