Family Friendly Kids No-Scare Matinee Show


2 to 4 p.m. October 20 and 27, 2019.


Come for a Great Pumpkin approved Mon Valley Halloween event which will be fun for the whole family as you participate as a team in your own trick-or-treat adventure.

Because evening tours at Castle Blood can be too intense for our very youngest monster fans, we offer a special, daytime, lights on, no-scare matinee show. This light, fun, no-scare family tour, lets kids of all ages go trick-or-treating through a real-life haunted attraction.

You and your family will be greeted by the friendlier denizens that live within the Castle as you play the Quest For the Talisman game.

There will be treats for all the kids, and fun for all. Only $8 for adults and kiddies alike! The perfect Halloween event for children.

Tickets for the matinee shows are only available onsite at the Castle Blood ticket booth.

To read  parent reviews of our Matinee tour:

Photos courtesy of Oh honestly, Erin; who’s witty and wise-cracking reviews can be found

If you and your children liked our show please let us know. If there is anything they were hoping to see and didn’t please let us know that too. We want to contribute to giving children wonderful and cherished Halloween memories.

The matinee is the perfect stepping stone into the haunted house scene. Plus, it’s a way cooler alternative to the obligatory pumpkin patch field trip.” – Oh honestly, Erin.